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Lease Reconciliation

When IT equipment is leased, there are several activities and procedures that must be completed to terminate the lease agreement and retire the equipment from its original use.

MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides lease reconciliation services to equipment lessors so they can terminate lease agreements and maximize the residual value of the retired equipment. Audit reports provided by MemKing IT Asset Recovery identify the products returned by serial number and lease schedule.

Products are cosmetically and functionally graded to ensure the condition and identity of products returned. The audit reports also facilitate the "like-for-like" substitution clauses that are included in many lease agreements.

MemKing IT Asset Recovery also provides lease reconciliation services to equipment lessees. In addition to testing each system and erasing data from the computers hard drives, MemKing IT Asset Recovery verifies the condition and configuration of "end-of-lease" systems being returned to the equipment lessor. The fee for this service is typically far less than internal costs that would be incurred by the lessee or the fee charged by the lessor. More importantly, costly "charge-backs" from the lessor for incomplete or missing returns can often be reduced or avoided.


Why we are the leaders?

Complete Asset Recovery

MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides complete Asset Recovery. We purchase excess equipment and offer disposal services. Most importantly, your assets are disposed of in accordance with all federal and environmental requirements and regulations, and your workspace is clean.

Equipment Disposal

MemKing IT Asset Recovery comprehensively oversees all disposals as regulated by the Federal Solid Hazardous Waste guidelines and all recycling in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Data Security/Destruction

The security of sensitive data, proprietary software and embedded network passwords concern most organizations. MemKing IT Asset Recovery removes files, data, software and other customer identification tags and marks from client systems.

Donation Services

Assets worth little to nothing on the secondary market often hold great value to non-profit and charitable organizations. Before implementing a disposal process, MemKing IT Asset Recovery can arrange equipment to be donated from your company free of charge.


Telephone Numbers:
Toll Free: 1-866-32-KINGS
Local: 972-418-0726

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