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MemKing IT Asset Recovery generates prompt and customized settlement reports for every lot received.

Our technicians electronically scan as many as 100 fields of data for a single asset. The data can be customized to provide a history of the asset from pickup to the ultimate disposition. Companies use our reports to terminate leases; relieve "owned asset" inventory records; and provide an audit trail for disposal.

Custom reports that we provide clients include the following:

  • Client Status report - overview of all job activity.
  • Receiving Reports - Bill of Lading, Pro numbers Piece/Pallet Counts, weights, digital photos of equipment
  • Audit Reports - Serial numbers, Asset Tags numbers, Model numbers, Cosmetic Grades, External Component Information
  • Test Reports - Functionality, Internal Configurations, Component Part Numbers, Failure Codes
  • Settlement Reports - Values, Fees, Repair Costs, Net Values
  • Lease Reconciliation Reports - contract numbers, software licenses, serial numbers, asset tag numbers, cosmetic grading, configuration and test results, verification of casualty (missing and damaged).
  • Asset Tag Packet - MemKing IT Asset Recovery will return the physical asset tags removed from each unit. This provides additional confirmation of the retired asset and prevents a secondary user from any knowledge of the previous owner.
  • Certificate of Data Erasure - A document that confirms your data has been erased to the level requested. MemKing IT Asset Recovery can perform a 1 pass, 3 pass or 7 pass wipe to erase your sensitive data.
  • Certificate of Disposal - A document that confirms your scrap inventory was disposed in an environmentally safe manner. MemKing IT Asset Recovery does not use landfills.

Why we are the leaders?

Complete Asset Recovery

MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides complete Asset Recovery. We purchase excess equipment and offer disposal services. Most importantly, your assets are disposed of in accordance with all federal and environmental requirements and regulations, and your workspace is clean.

Equipment Disposal

MemKing IT Asset Recovery comprehensively oversees all disposals as regulated by the Federal Solid Hazardous Waste guidelines and all recycling in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Data Security/Destruction

The security of sensitive data, proprietary software and embedded network passwords concern most organizations. MemKing IT Asset Recovery removes files, data, software and other customer identification tags and marks from client systems.

Donation Services

Assets worth little to nothing on the secondary market often hold great value to non-profit and charitable organizations. Before implementing a disposal process, MemKing IT Asset Recovery can arrange equipment to be donated from your company free of charge.


Telephone Numbers:
Toll Free: 1-866-32-KINGS
Local: 972-418-0726

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