MemKing IT Asset Recovery



MemKing IT Asset Recovery recycles and resells computer equipment that has been replaced or returned from lease.

MemKing IT Asset Recovery services provide significant economic benefits to our customers through maximized product recoveries and minimized processing costs. In addition, MemKing IT Asset Recovery reduces the legal, environmental and security risks associated with I.T. asset retirement. The following sections describe the specific ways in which MemKing IT Asset Recovery services deliver these benefits to our customers.

  • OS Licenses
  • Network Support
  • Warranty Help Desk
  • Applications Licenses
  • Lease Payments
  • Property tax
  • Hardware support
  • Data Security HIPAA
  • GLB Liability
  • Auto Discovery
  • Asset Management
  • Storage
  • Ewaste Disposal
  • Liability
  • Public Relations

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