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The recycling of hazardous materials during the computer recycling process warrants special care and attention.

When equipment can no longer be used for its originally intended purpose and disposal is required, specific procedures must be followed to avoid damage to the environment. Of special concern to computer recyclers is the leakage of heavy metals into the public water supply from electronic scrap placed in landfills. MemKing IT Asset Recovery minimizes this environmental liability by strictly adhering to OSHA and Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) requirements governing the generation, collection and disposal of hazardous materials.

Equipment that is not resold or reused is recycled by MemKing IT Asset Recovery for material value. Most computer equipment contains valuable components, precious metals and other raw materials. Even the corrugated cardboard can be resold. The recoveries from these raw material sales help offset the cost of handling and disposing of material from the disassembly operations.

Material that has no value (such as plastics) and material that may contain hazardous material must be disposed of properly. MemKing IT Asset Recovery fully complies with all state and federal requirements for environmentally secure disposal of material Our contracted suppliers are fully certified and have all the necessary state and local permits.

The increasing piles of e-waste will affect our environment; the need to dispose of it will affect enterprise costs. New and differing e-waste regulations worldwide will exacerbate the problem for IT managers - how to minimize risk while finding the most-cost-effective way to dispose of obsolete computers and other electronic devices. U.S. enterprises with operations in other countries must understand and comply with country-specific regulations. Enterprises also must budget for the cost of equipment disposal when it reaches end of life. In the future, enterprises will also have to budget for an upfront recycling fee when purchasing new PCs.

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