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MemKing IT Asset Recovery



MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides comprehensive I.T. asset recovery services to our customers. Our partner network is best-in-class in the following areas:

  • Product installation/de-installation
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Raw material recycling
  • Hazardous material disposition

Through our relationship with these network partners, customers have visibility to all phases of the recovery and disposition phases of the I.T. product lifecycle.

MemKing IT Asset Recovery has also developed partnerships with I.T. asset management firms that offer complimentary products and services.

Examples include:

  • Auto-discovery
  • Software license assessment
  • Capacity utilization
  • I.T. outsourcing.

Through these partnerships, MemKing IT Asset Recovery helps customers achieve a smooth transition through the retirement and disposal phases of the I.T. product lifecycle.

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