MemKing IT Asset Recovery

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides inventory management services to our customers through a variety of focused programs

Excess/Surplus Inventory Reduction. MemKing IT Asset Recovery customers often find they have more inventory of particular products than they require. This can be caused by several factors including forecast accuracy, spare parts requirements, manufacturing yields and customer returns. Customers rely upon MemKings IT Asset Recovery's expertise to reduce excess inventory by identifying alternate uses, parts harvesting and secondary market sales activity.

Product Redeployment. MemKings IT Asset Recovery customers often maintain a list of "approved configurations" that will be supported by their I.T. customer service department. When business consolidations (e.g. facility moves) make I.T. products available that meet "approved configurations", MemKing IT Asset Recovery refreshes the equipment and re-deploys it to customer sites. Configurations that are not supported are resold externally or disposed in an EPA compliant method.

Customer Returns Management. I.T. products are often returned to MemKing IT Asset Recovery customers because of warranty terms, distribution allowances or competitive trade-in programs. MemKing IT Asset Recovery provides a full set of asset recovery services (including receipt, audit, repair, storage) to manage these customer returns and re-use them or re-sell them according to our customer's requirements.

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