MemKing IT Asset Recovery

Seat Management

Seat Management

Your PC is not "just a box" but instead it is a complex asset that interacts with multiple hardware and software elements that are networked in your environment.

Under the MemKing IT Asset Recovery umbrella there are several applications available to assist in managing your network.

  • Auto Discovery Tools - Search your network to identify hardware and software that you want to retire.
  • Software License Management - Don't overpay software licensing fees for PC's that are no longer on your network. MemKing IT Asset Recovery can identify any software on your network to insure you only pay for licenses you are still using.
  • Install/De-install - MemKing IT Asset Recovery can provide the labor force to execute a total technology rotation.
  • Hardware Upgrades - MemKing IT Asset Recovery can extend the life of your PC's with CPU, memory and hard drive upgrades.
  • Custom Imaging - We can customize your PC's front page with any image you would like to provide.
  • Financing - MemKing IT Asset Recovery can help defer the costs of your network upgrade with our financing options. Don't let increased productivity pass you by for a small monthly payment

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